Avantis helps you manage assets better, faster, and easier

You’re in the midst of a world-class power struggle - a decisive fight to streamline processes, reduce costs, and manage assets better to come out on top. Whether you are maintaining Generating or T&D assets, Avantis is the only asset management solution that can reduce risk of implementation with pre-defined work processes and best practices.

Avantis, today’s most effective enterprise asset management solution, is specifically tailored to help power companies do more with less - one already proven across the globe and one guaranteed to help you:

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Reduce forced outages
  • Improve work processes
  • Reduce safety and environmental incidents

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About Avantis

Avantis is a comprehensive, world class enterprise asset management (EAM) solution designed to transform operational information into strategic asset intelligence, enabling you to make more informed business decisions on managing your assets and at the same time balance asset availability and utilization. With an easy-to-use interface, you’ll have real-time, anytime access to information regarding incoming work, backlog, compliance, failures, costing, purchasing and more.

Avantis offers:

Decision Support
Avantis.DSS gathers scorecards, key performance indicators and unique reporting requirements to provide easily accessible, up-to-date, online decision support information.

Remote Access
Avantis Mobile Inventory retrieves scheduled work and job lists remotely from the field providing increased usability and more accurate data collection.

Integration Ease
The Avantis solution ensures easy and open connectivity to existing business solutions.

Scalability and Flexibility
Configure Avantis to manage power generation assets, your mobile fleet, or both. Manage your largest generation plants or your smallest substations and distribution assets.

Predictive Maintenance
The Invensys Condition Monitoring solution helps generation plants move from a reactive to a proactive maintenance environment by predicting and correcting issues before they affect the plant thus optimizing asset performance.

Avantis is part of Invensys. Invensys is a global automation, controls and process solutions Group. Its products, service expertise and ongoing support enable intelligent systems to monitor and control processes in many different environments. Leading companies in a wide range of industries rely on Invensys to help them perform with greater efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness.

The Invensys Group is made up of five businesses: Process Systems, APV, Eurotherm, Rail Systems and Controls. The Group is headquartered in London and is listed on the London Stock Exchange, with over 30,000 employees working in 60 countries.

InRIM™ Rapid Implementation Methodology

No matter how well designed the product, sound implementation is critical. Unfortunately, it’s where most EAM companies fail.

Our unique Rapid Implementation Methodology (InRIM™), based on predefined business processes and Best Practices, minimizes employee time investment and reduces your implementation risk. And because InRIM implementation follows a preformatted, repeatable structure, we are able to deploy it over multi-sites or multi-departments and vary the scope of the project as necessary to address your unique business needs.

The result is that every Avantis EAM solution not only improves asset utilization and performance, but pays for itself by delivering guaranteed results on-time, on-budget, and on-spec. Finally, a low-risk EAM solution designed to charge your plant’s resources rather than drain them.

Avantis Success Stories in Power

The Avantis enterprise asset management solution has been specifically tailored to help power companies do more with less around the globe from Canada to Bermuda to Saudi Arabia to Indonesia. See how these power companies are using Avantis.

Vectren Corporation
With more than 6,000 unique assets and over 33,000 individual MRO spare parts, Vectren Corporation's power generating facilities in Evansville, Indiana, USA (Brown & Culley Generating Plants) has been using the Avantis enterprise asset management solution for several years.

Vectren Power Supply generates electricity with coal-fired and natural gas-fired turbines (1,400 mega watts of generating capacity), now all maintained by Avantis. The project was successfully deployed with our InRIM™ implementation approach to rapid, risk-free implementation, which was one of the strategic reasons Vectren Corporation chose Avantis. Our solution included integrating Avantis.PRO with Oracle Financials, Purchasing, and Projects using our standard Enterprise Application Integration technology.
See full story (2MB PDF).

Alberta Power (ATCO)
ATCO Electric builds, operates and maintains a vast system of transmission and distribution lines serving more than 169,000 electric customers in northern and east-central Alberta, Canada as well as parts of the Northwest Territories and Yukon. ATCO Electric owns and operates more than 63,000 km of power lines, including more than 8,000 high voltage transmission lines, approximately 55,000 km of local distribution lines and operates 13,000 km of lines on behalf of rural electrification associations.

ATCO Electric has been using the Avantis enterprise asset management solution since 1989 for accounts payable, inventory and maintenance management and procurement.

Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO) is Bermuda's sole supplier of electricity, operating a generating plant and transmission and distribution systems throughout the Island.

BELCO’s electric system includes: 34 substations, 135 miles of underground transmission cable, 120 miles high voltage underground distribution cable, 545 miles high voltage overhead distribution lines and 370 miles of low voltage overhead service lines. Transmission voltage is 34,000 and 23,000 volts. Distribution voltage is 4,160 volts. Its generating plant has a maximum capacity of 159.7 megawatts, consisting of 12 diesel engines and 9 gas turbines. Individual engine capacity ranges between 2.5 and 14.5 megawatts. System frequency is 60 cycles.

BELCO has been using the Avantis enterprise asset management solution since 2003 to manage materials procurement, inventory, maintenance activities, customer calls and the scheduling of all work.

Panhandle Energy
Through Panhandle Energy, headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA Southern Union owns and operates 100% of Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, Trunkline Gas Company, Sea Robin Pipeline Company, Southwest Gas Storage Company and Trunkline LNG Company – one of North America’s largest liquefied natural gas import terminals. Southern Union Company, which acquired Panhandle Energy, is engaged primarily in the transportation, storage and distribution of natural gas.

Southern Union’s pipeline interests operate almost 18,000 miles of interstate pipelines that transport natural gas from the San Juan, Anadarko and Permian Basins, the Rockies, the Gulf of Mexico, Mobile Bay, South Texas and the Panhandle regions of Texas and Oklahoma to major markets in the Southeast, West, Midwest and Great Lakes region. The pipelines have a combined delivery capacity of 8.3 billion cubic feet per day and 87 billion cubic feet of underground storage.

Panhandle Energy has been using our solution, which included integrating Avantis.PRO with Oracle Financials, since 2001.

Newfoundland Power
Newfoundland Power Inc. operates an integrated generation, transmission and distribution system throughout the island of Newfoundland, Canada. The Company serves approximately 225,000 customers in 600 communities. These customers constitute 85 per cent of all electrical consumers in the province. Newfoundland Power operates 23 hydro generating plants, three diesel plants and three gas turbine facilities and 36 substations. The Company maintains over 10,000 km of transmission and distribution lines and has a total installed capacity of 145.5 MW.

Newfoundland Power has been using the Avantis enterprise asset management solution since 2003 for substation maintenance management.

Saudi Electric Company (SCECO) in the Eastern Province is one of the largest electric utilities in the Middle East providing service to the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The company operates two major steam plants, 8 CGT plants, and maintains 10,000km of transmission lines with 200 substations. Peak output is over 7800mw.

SCECO has been using the Avantis.PRO enterprise asset management solution since 2003.

Inalum Hydro Power Plant
Inalum Hydro is part of Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Inalum), the only aluminum smelter in Southeast Asia, located in Lake Toba Sumatra, Indonesia. The Inalum Hydro Power Plant has a capacity of 600 Mkw.

Inalum has been using the Avantis enterprise asset management solution in their production plant since 2001.

Register for a free Advantage Assessment and white paper on asset performance and reliability, and discover how the Avantis solution is designed to charge your plant’s resources rather than drain them.


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